Our Special Recipe

Special family recipes handed down to us?  Not really.  Even though Mama Bull’s mother always told her “Pay attention”, while her aunts were in the kitchen.  She never paid attention and they never showed her, lol.  Although she comes from a family of bakers and chefs, she taught herself.

When Mama Bull has an idea, she creates her “own flavor”.  She likes fresh light flavors.  However, she isn’t a stranger to old school flavors and still likes to incorporate them.

She’s not a baker, but you can’t tell her customers that.  She loves to create her version of cakes.  So far, she has successfully made Strawberry Banana Cake, Key Lime Cake, Coconut Cake, Coco Chocolate Cake and a few warm cobblers. THAT cobbler makes you come back over, and over again.  Some people come daily!

Mama Bull doesn’t like greasy foods and she doesn’t cook her vegetables with pork.  She created a new way, to make your old favorites, with a twist.

That’s how you get all the authentic flavors every time you visit Big Bull’s.  As one of our customers likes to say “Some places you go. The chicken is good and the ribs aren’t or the ribs are good and the chicken isn’t.  But, when I come here, everything is On Point, all the time! “