The following frequently asked questions are here to save you time and avoid waiting for a reply to your emails. We attempt to respond to your emails promptly, we are a small business, and the person responding is the chef, baker, online manager, etc.

Restaurant FAQs Q: Do you offer dine-in? A: Dine-in is only available during non-peak hours. This includes but is not limited to how many orders the kitchen is in the process of preparing.

Q: Why is the wait time so long? A: We are not a fast food restaurant. All orders are prepared in the order they are received; one person prepares each order, and must be quality checked by two persons; if they do not pass the quality check, the order must be returned to the kitchen to be corrected. This process takes time, and it may increase your wait time. Please trust the process; a rushed order leaves room for error. Our goal isn’t to make you wait or waste your time; we aim to give you OUR VERY BEST. Thank you in advance for understanding and being patient with us.

Q: Why don’t you offer plates? A: Plates limit customers to a predetermined amount of food; our build-a-platter allows customers to control how much or how little they spend on a meal. This way, you are not required to purchase three ribs; you can order as little as one rib and one side.

Q: I have a small order, only a sandwich; why must I wait? A: We prepare orders in a small kitchen; if we have previous orders that require the grill top or even the fryers, we have to complete those orders first. Preparing a sandwich requires the grill to be cleaned between each meat species; we toast the bun for the sandwich and prepare the meat, cooking the sauce(s) into the meat. Therefore, it is not just a sandwich; each order has a dedicated person to prepare it, and we must ensure that we protect our customers by safely preparing your order to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

Q: Do you offer catering? A: Yes, we offer catering. Our menu options are available on our website and offer many options. We aim to add additional items to the menu soon. However, what is currently on the menu is all we offer via catering menu, packages, breakfast, and lunchbox.

Q: Do you offer on-site catering? A: Yes. However, we do not offer on-site catering when our restaurant is open. If you require us to provide on-site catering while we are open, it will start at a minimum base fee of $2,000 before the menu is selected.

Q: Could your food trailer come to my event? A: Yes, we can bring our food trailer to your event (Baby shower, wedding, school event, neighborhood, corporate event, etc.). Although we do not traditionally require a retainer, some events may require one. This is on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Could you bring your food trailer to our event, part 2? A: Depending on your event’s date, time, and location. Each event is different, and although preparing for any event takes days, if not weeks, it requires many hours of preparing food. We will not attend your event, which requires us to give a portion of our sales to the event; this includes but is not limited to, vendor fee events.

Q: Could you provide an invoice for my event? A: We do not offer free invoices. However, our online menu is full of many available options. Please review the menu to see if our prices align with your event budget.

Q: Why do you add a rush fee for catering orders? A: Rush fees are added to catering orders requiring us to place additional orders with our suppliers outside our regular weekly orders, shop additional days outside our regular schedule, etc. Catering orders require staff to work with less than seven-day notice; we must be able to give everyone more notice for that to adjust their schedules as a courtesy.