Our Story

The Bull started making BBQ sandwiches in 2013.  He would go to a few small events and make sandwiches for his co-workers.  He eventually started making his own sauce and creating a variety of sandwiches.

One day he decided to step it up a notch, go into “The Lab” and try his hand at creating his own variety of sauces!  Once he started with his first sauce, Buss’n, a name he got from a young man after he tasted the sauce, there was no stopping him!

To be continued….

Edit:  On November 30, 2013, while on a date, Mama Bull told Big Bull he should open a restaurant.  His reply, “No, No…absolutely, no!  That’s like having multiple kids and five children!”  April 17, 2015, we started this adventure.  There have been MANY twists, turns, heartaches, long nights, night sweats, etc.

To be continued…