Our Signature Sauces

*The Sandwich in the background is The Burrus!  It is smoked brisket, pulled pork, cole slaw, and an egg on a toasted bun, covered with Bulls White Sauce!

Our signature sauces are unique if we say so ourselves!  Choose one or mix a few to add to your meats or sides.  They are great at everything.

Bussin–  MUSTARD-BASED on a fantastic blend of flavors with smoke flavor!

Sweet Golden–  MUSTARD-BASED on a fantastic blend of seasonings with a hint of sweetness.

7 Seconds–  TOMATO-BASED “Can you handle the bull?”-Starts sweet and ends with a Bang (SPICY/HOT)! A great blend of seasonings with a slight smoke flavor!

Sweet Red–  TOMATO-BASED sauce, sweet with a fantastic flavor! *tomato-based

Bull’s White Sauce- MAYO BASED Remember the Coca-Cola soft drink of the 1970s. Now, remove the Cocaine (we don’t want to be fined) and the Coca-Cola (we don’t want to pay royalties)!  It’s that good.  get it drizzled with 7 Seconds and Sweet Golden, it’s like a party in your mouth!

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